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Axel Reymond

French High Level Swimmer of great and middle-distance, born in Paris (19th) the 13th febury 1994, 191 cm, 81 kg

Axel Reymond on the podium of the World Championships 2019 in Gwangju - Gold Medal on Open-Water 25 kmMember of the France A Team (since 2012)

Axel Reymond is a specialist in swimming races "open-water" (in rowing lake, lake, river, sea) on 5 km, 10 km and 25 km, residing near Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne). He trained at the AS Plessis-Savigny Natation by Magali Mérino. He joined her at the Cercle des Nageurs de Fontainebleau-Avon in may 2014, and together, beginning in 2016, they join the CSM Clamart Natation. After several titles of Champion of France of 25 km, after several victories in Cup open water France since 2009 on different distances, after a bronze medal at the Open-Water European Championships 2012 at Piombino (in Italy), august 17th 2014, at the European Championships in Berlin, he won the gold medal in the 25 km. At the autumn national meeting 2015 in Compiegne, november 15th 2015, he beats the French record of the hour, browsing 5859.25 m. July 14, 2016, in Hoorn (Netherlands), he again won the gold medal for 25 km of swimming European Championships in open-water in 2016. In Budapest (Hungary), he becomes the 2017 World Champion of the 25 km in open-water, July 21, 2017. In August 2017, he joined the club of A.A.S. Sarcelles Natation 95. And he keeps his title of World Champion in 2019 on 25 km.

This is one of the great hopes of French swimming on the middle distance races in swimming race (in 25 or 50 meter pool) (400, 800, 1500 m), but also and especially on great-distance events in "open-water": the 10 km - Olympic event, equivalent of the marathon, lasting approximately 1:50 'men at very high level, and 25 km - his specialty on time present, a little over 5 hours of very high-level efforts under the conditions...

Pratices :

Cercle des Nageurs de Fontainebleau-Avon Fontainebleau
  • Open-Water Swimming (under natural conditions) on 5 km, 10 km and 25 km,
  • Race Swimming (in pool) - Specialty on middle-distance : Free-Swim, 4 Swim, Butterfly

Trainning :

Recent Results :

  • Winner of 4th stage of UltraMarathon FINA World Cup 2019 (25 km open-water, at Ohrid)
  • World Champion 2019 on Open-Water 25 km (at Gwangju, South Korea)
  • 4th of the 2018 European Championships on 25 km (at Glasgow)
  • 2018 European Vice Champion of the 5 km in open-water (at Glasgow)
  • 2018 French Champion of the 25 km in open-water (at Gravelines)
  • 2018 French Vice Champion of the 5 km in open-water (at Gravelines)
  • 2018 French Vice Champion of the mixed relay 4 x 1250 m in open-water (at Gravelines)
  • 4th of the 10km in open-water of the 2018 French Championships (at Gravelines)
  • World Champion 2017 on Open-Water 25 km (at Budapest, Hungary)
  • French Champion 2017 on Open-Water 25 km (at Gravelines)
  • French Champion 2017 by Team with the CSM Clamart on Open-Water relay (4x1250 m) (at Gravelines)
  • 3rd of the 10km of the French Championships 2017 (at Gravelines)
  • 3rd od the Indor 5km Indor of the French Championshipse 2017 (at Sarcelles)
  • Winner of the Open-Water French Cup 2017
  • French Champion 2016 by Team with the CSM Clamart on Open-Water 3 km (at Saint-Pardoux)
  • European Champion 2016 of the Open-Water 25 km (in Hoorn)
  • French Champion 2016 on Open-Water 25 km (at Montargis), French Vice-Champion 2016 on 5 km, and Bronze medal on 10 km
  • French Military Champion 2016 of 400m Free Style in 3:55.53 - French military Record (in Saint-Dizier)
  • French Military Champion 2016 of 200m 4 Swim in 2:07.00 - French military Record (in Saint-Dizier)
  • French record holder of the hour with 5 859.25 meters traveled (in Compiègne)
  • French Champion 2015 by Team with the CNFA on Open-Water 3 km (at Saint-Pardoux)
  • Bronze Medal of French Championships 2015 (small-pool) on 1500 m free-swim (in Angers)
  • France Champion 2015 on Open-Water 5, 10 and 25 km (in Gravelines)
  • Winner of the 10 km of the stage of the Marathon World Cup 2015 (in Abu Dhabi)
  • 3rd of the 10km of FINA/HOSA Marathon Swimming World Cup 2015 (in Noumea)
  • 4th of 25 km at the World Championships 2015 (in Kazan)
  • 12th of 10 km at the World Championships 2015 (in Kazan)
  • 22th of 5 km at the World Championships 2015 (in Kazan)
  • European Champion 2014 of the Open-Water 25 km (in Berlin)
  • France Champion 2014 on 25 km (in Sète)
  • Silver Medal at a stage of European Cup 2014 (LEN Cup) on 10 km (in Eilat)
  • Winner of the 7th stage of FINA Marathon Grand Prix 2013 - the lake crossing of Ohrid (Macedonia) : 1st rookie to win on this mythical Open-Water 30 km test (the equivalent of ultra-trails or of mythiques triathlons like "ironmans") with a new test record (5h09'55'')
  • France Champion 2013 on 10 and 25 km (in Canet-en-Rousillon)
  • Bronze Medale on 25 km at the European Championships 2012 (in Piombino) for his first participation among seniors (at 18 years old)
  • France Champion 2012 on 25 km

Biography :

Having resided in Nandy, Axel Reymond began swimming at the age of 6 years at ASPS : "Association Sportive Le Plessis Savigny" to the pool of Savigny-le-Temple, where it was driven by Magali Mérino, his current coach. In 2008, he discovered the open water with his first title (in minute) over 10 km of Vice-Champion of France.

Axel Reymond won in 2009, 6 stages of the French Open-Water Cup, and becomes number 1 French swimmers under 16.

In 2010, the following year, at age 16, he made his first 25km finishing 3rd in all categories. It was both number 1 French swimmers water-free category Cadets and in all categories, with 9 victories in the French Cup, and a bronze medal in open water championships in France. He participated also in 2010, for the first time at an international event outside France in Oeiras in Portugal, finishing 8th All Categories of this stage of the COMEN: Coupe de la Confédération Méditerranéenne de Natation.

At a stage of COMEN in Limassol (Cyprus), in 2011, he won his first international medal in bronze.

In 2012, will follow: its integration into the France team A swimming, his first European Championships in Pimonbino Italy, where he won his first European medal in bronze, and his first participation in the Championships World in Welland in Canada, where he finished 7th in the 7.5 km away. He was Champion of France of 25 km, the same year as he has since kept in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Then in Ohrid in Macedonia in 2013, he won his first stage of the Marathon World Cup open water 30 km. And he won at Canet-en-Roussillon, the Championship of France the 10km open water, in addition to the 25 km.

Axel Reymond joined in May 2014, his trainer Magali Mérino at the Cercle des Nageurs de Fontainebleau-Avon.

In 2014, Axel Reymond swimming embarks with the France team for the European Championship in Berlin, Germany. He won the gold medal in the 25 km at the European Championships, on August 17, 2014, with a time of 4 h 59 min 18 s 8, ahead of Russian Evgeny Drattsev (4 h 59 min 31 s 2) and Italian Edoardo Stochino (5 h 08 min 51 s 0). It was the same year, champion of France 25 km from Sète, 5K Indoor Sarcelles, and won a silver medal in Eilat (Israel) Cup of Europe of open-water.

He started in 2015 with 2 medals in World Cup Marathon : Gold in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and Bronze in Noumea (France). Championships in France in Gravelines, he performs a triple by becoming Champion of France 5 km, 10km and 25 km.

On 7 July 2015, Axel Reymond sign a 2 year contract with French Land Army, to be part of the Champions of Military Swimming Army. At Mungyeong in South Korea, he participated in Military World Games Summer 2015.

Also in 2015, he was greatly disappointed with his fourth place in the 25 km World Championships in Kazan in Russia, and especially to its 12th place in the 10 km, which the latter won him a non-selection by of the French Swimming Federation, to represent France at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Yet this year it was full of medals, he ended the 2015 season, 1 of the National Order of open water swimmers French, and 1 of the National Order of the French Cup in open water, with eight stage wins in 11 appearances. He even gets: a number of points in the Coupe de France, unprecedented since at least 2005, and a number of points in the national ranking of open water swimmers, never obtained since at least 2012.

It beats, to end the year 2015, the record of France of the time in National Meeting of Compiegne Small-basin, with 5859 meters traveled, and won a bronze medal at 1500 m freestyle at the Championships of France Angers in small basin.

To start 2016, he joined the CSM Clamart Natation, while remaining in its exercises in CitéSport CNSD: Centre National des Sports de la Défense, Fontainebleau.

At Viedma in Argentina, he began the first stage of the World Cup Marathon (10 km) 2016, finishing 5th, offering its pre-qualification to the European Championship 2016. In Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, he finished also 5th in the 2nd stage of the World Cup Marathon 2016.

In April 2016, at Saint-Dizier, he became Champion of France 2016 Military Swimming 200m medley 4, and 400m freestyle, beating France military records of these 2 events.

The French national day, on July 14, 2016, he won his second European title for 25 km of open-water swimming European Championships 2016, in Hoorn (Netherlands).

Axel Reymond finished 3rd of the Indoor 5 km of the French Championships, the 28th january 2017.

During the French Championships 2017, he finished 3rd French of the 10 km, 1st French of the relay 4 x 1 250 m, and French Winer of the 25 km in Open-Water for 6 times.

On July 21, 2017, in Budapest (Hungary), Axel Reymond becomes the 2017 World Champion of the 25 km in open-water.

In August 2017, he joined the club of A.A.S. Sarcelles Natation 95.

During the 2018 French Open-Water Championships, he became French Chamion of the 25 km for the seventh time in a row, French Vice Champion of the 5 km and of the mixe relay (4 x 1 250m with his team : A.A.S. Sarcelles Natation 95) at Gravelines.

Present at the 2018 European Swimming Championships in Glasgow, where he won the silver medal on 5 km, and thus becomes vice-champion of Europe on this distance, and finished 4th of the 25 km.

On July 19, 2019, in Gwangju, South Korea, he retains his title of 25 km World Champion in open water.

Its objectives in the short and longer term are: be titrated at the Olympic Games 2024 in Paris about 10 km (single Olympic event) and to the Santa Fe-Coronda 57 km race in Argentina ; also be titrated on race swimming events (of 1 500m mainly) at national and European level.


Analysis of his assistant Physiologist and Physics:

Physical abilities outsized (aerobic, with a VO2max of more than 6 liters per minute (6.9 l / min peak, or 85 ml / min / kg, to a high body weight 78 kg), a speed at over 95% representing lactic threshold of his VMA (maximum aerobic speed), muscle abilities, with natural strength capabilities untapped (significant physical preparation work (multi-year planning) was initiated in view of the Olympic deadlines); a load training and an ability to recover outstanding (like other stars of ultra-endurance disciplines (Kilian Jornet: in "aplinisme skiing" and ultra-trail (it is no longer present) and Alistair Brownlee in triathlon (Olympic Champion London 2012), early athletes, ultra-talented deliver unparalleled performance).

A technical supervision (swimming coach and physical trainer recently (2014)), scientific supervision (physiologist for optimization and fine individualization of training intervals in water (swimming) and outside (rowing, cycling) and a functional monitoring peak (HRV, variability of heart rate) to better adjust training loads) and (para-)medical (physiotherapist, nutritionist, sports physician teams of France) of high quality.


Sponsors and technical partners : Arena (swimming equipment) (Axel joined the France Arena Team in 2013), Overstim's, Ergysport, Health Prevent, Planète Spiruline, Eurcom Swim, PiLeJe, Oxitis, SpiroTiger.

Coach : Magali Mérino Coach
Physiotherapist : Sylvie Caudriller
Physiologist and Fitness Coach referent : Alexandre Demarle
Press Contacts : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Fabienne Hauchart